Summaery 2022

The Summaery is a traditional event at Bauhaus University Weimar where students present their work that they have created during the academic year. The event runs for one week and we started it with an open lab night at the Media faculty. 

I have only worked with students in Weimar for one semester, but many of them still had something to show and some project to exhibit.

Students from the class Software Engineering (MSc Digital Engineering) were presenting projects that they developed as part of coursework. The posters and demos covered a wide range of projects from fitness to finance to flatmates.

A prototype for an autonomous vehicle was demonstrated by a group of 3 MSc Digital Engineering students as part of their group project.

The prototype has sensors including a camera, Lidar, and other distance sensors. It runs using the Robot Operation System (ROS) distributed over three platforms of different computational powers.

More information about the Summaery2022 in general and a list of all projects is available from the event's website of the university.