Visiting BTH Karlskrona

One of my first official trips at the Bauhaus University Weimar has been a trip to Karlskrona in Sweden to visit Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). Karlskrona has a similar size to Weimar but is located somewhat close to the Baltic sea.

Our delegation was received by a group of professors and administrative staff at BTH. In three days we discussed many aspects of teaching, research, administration and possible routes to foster our existing collaborations while offering more internationalization opportunities to our students. 

We received insight into different teaching and research approaches at BTH. Our Erasmus partner BTH and Bauhaus University Weimar have ongoing student exchanges via the Erasmus program. I can fully recommend the international experience students gain via these programs.

If you are one of our students and planning to go on an exchange to BTH or another University, feel free to contact me. We hope to even further facilitate the exchange program with BTH and others.