Two open Research Assistant positions (TVL-13) in Software Engineering

I am happy to announce that I have two open positions for Research Assistants (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) on level TVL-13. Both positions offer the opportunity for PhD studies. The role includes research as well as teaching (4SWS). 

The research aspect comes in two different flavors. One position is offered with a focus on analyzing model-based software and its evolution (Kennziffer M/WP-06/22). The other is described with a focus on analysis and synthesis of reactive/autonomous systems (Kennziffer M/WP-07/22). As you might guess the topics are not necessarily disjoint and come with certain flexibility in interpretation.

If you are interested in working with me on the formal side of software engineering topics, please get in touch (email). Applications have to be received by 30. June 2022 as described in the job adverts linked above (German, but Google Translate should provide enough information). Contact me soon, if you have any questions.

P.S.: Successful applicants will be involved in teaching on campus in German (e.g., BSc Informatics) and English (all MSc programs with Software Engineering modules offered).