UoL students at Unicode final

Our students have done exceptionally well at the national Unicode challenge by Showcode. In the Unicode 20/21 final --where only the top students of the top 30 Universities are left to compete-- Leicester students claimed place 11.

Statistics of the Leicester Unicode team with 203 participants!

It is great to see that Leicester students have contributed to the gender diversity of the participants far above average: Leicester had 20.7% female students compared to 7.4% female student participation nationally.

When looking at the raw data of the whole challenge we can see that Leicester did exceptionally well throughout the contest that went on over a few months. In terms of points earned Leicester is on place 4 of 73 close behind Warwick (overall champion), Leeds (4th in final), and Imperial (3rd in final).

Statistics of all participants in the Unicode challenge

As Careers Tutor of the School of Informatics and as the University of Leicester Showcode Ambassador, I congratulate all 203 University of Leicester participants to this great achievement!