Congratulations: Leicester@UniCode 20/21

Our student team has participated in the UniCode 20/21 challenge that started in November 2020 and went on with different challenges every two weeks until May 2021. 

More than 80 UK Universities have competed in six leagues. Every two weeks each University team went head to head with another University's team to earn points in a coding contest.

I am very proud to report that our team Leicester has secured second place in the Sue Black league in a breathtaking race against Warwick. As you can see on the scores shown on the right our team only lost against Warwick in a direct match where both teams scored the highest possible points. In these cases the winner is likely determined by who submitted solutions fastest or who had the highest number of team members with the highest scores. 

Screen capture of the league table from UniCode 20/21 @ShowCode on 25/05/2021

Congratulations team Leicester! Well done and good luck to those individuals who move onto the finals!