Received AdvanceHE Fellowship

I am proud to announce that I have obtained the rank of Fellow of AdvanceHE (formerly Higher Education Academy). I have obtained this recognition of high-standard teaching quality in a course taken at our University over the last two years. The course includes attending to theory lectures, practicing various forms of teaching, peer-observations and feedback, and writing reports.

In May 2019, I had obtained the rank of Associate Fellow with my project report "90 and 180 Degrees Flipped Classrooms". I reported on my efforts of re-designing two modules following a flipped classroom approach to various degrees. In this active approach to teaching the lecturer prepares accessible materials for students to study at home before meeting the lecturer and applying and deepening the knowledge in class.

This year I have completed my qualification to obtain the rank for Fellow through an action research project. My looked into the use of personal devices for participation in class activities. I focused on the impact and benefits for students and also changes required from a lecturer's perspective. 

P.S.: I am now entitled to use post-nominal letters and extend my name to "Dr. Jan Oliver Ringert FHEA".

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