Hackathon follow-up: Interdisciplinary Start-Up

A few months ago we took second place in a Copernicus Hackathon in Leicester. Our team was composed of people with backgrounds in environment engineering, sociology, geography, mathematics, and computer science.

Our price was a place in the Copernicus start up accelerator. In a few follow up meetings we are now shaping our idea for using earth observation satellites to predict crop yield.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to present our progress together with the winning team at the Leicester innovation hub. Tomf did a great job presenting our project in a packed room.

The main idea is to analyse data captured by Copernicus satellites in order to estimate the yield of crop at different harvest times. Combining these predictions with weather data, demand, storage capacity, and harvesting equipment availability should lead to a valuable asset for farmers and other organizations.

There are already many models for crop prediction which gives us a good benchmark for our techniques. We are working with a mentor from the Copernicus accelerator to see where these ideas can lead us.