Summer Science Exhibition

We have finally set up our exhibition stand and got all activities ready in time for an estimate of more than 10.000 visitors at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London (July 1st to 7th). 

Our exhibit features three interactive activities. The first one is an autonomous vehicle (scale 1:8) driving on a 5m by 3m track. This activity demonstrates how sensors, here a camera and a lidar, help cars to perceive the world around them. Visitors can press a buzzer that sends a pedestrian right into the middle of the street in front of the car. Will it always stop?

A second activity can be seen on the screen below (left). An artificial intelligence detects objects and classifies them in live camera views. This activity demonstrates the use of AI building blocks for self-driving cars and the need to combine sensors to give an autonomous vehicle more information to base its decisions on, e.g., is an object detected by the laser beams of the lidar just a floating plastic bag, or is it a person and a collision should be avoided?

The final activity, appealing most to younger children, is a driving simulator. We use clever test scenario generation to demonstrate how we can assess the safety of autonomous vehicles. Here, we assess the safety of human drivers but the principles work on machines as well.

In addition to these activities we decided to hand out raffle tickets and give away one remote controlled car every hour.