Royal Society SummerScience Media Coverage

Our exhibit "Trusted Autonomous Vehicles" and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition have received roughly 12,000 visitors. More than 1,100 visitors have participated in our driving test simulator and a much larger number has tried to get a pedestrian run over by our self-driving car. We have handed out over 3,200 raffle tickets and given away 70 remote controlled cars (one car per hour).

We have also been interviewed by different members of press.

Aljazeera UK

Aljazeera UK has visited our stand and included us in their selection of top exhibits at the Summer Science Exhibition:

Associated Press

I have been interviewed by Associated Press. The materials have been made available to the media partners of AP.


Genovefa has been interviewed about our stand and research for BBC Inside Science. The recording is available from BBC Radio 4 here.

ITN News Bites

Mohammad has given an interview for News Bites of ITN Discovery Education. The video is only available to registered schools.

London Mathematical Society

The London Mathematical Society has developed a post card with us as part of their Joint Promotion of Mathematics program:

Royal Society Channel

As previously reported, the Royal Society had sent a film team to film an interview Rayna, Mohammad, and me. The result is finally available:

Youtuber "Python Programmer"

Giles, aka Python Programmer, has visited us in London and interviewed me about self-driving cars. The video is available from his YouTube channel:


A big thank you goes out to the University of Leicester for their great support, to our sponsors Zenzic and the Leicester AI Network, and to the DriverLeics team. Without everyone's great efforts, this wouldn't have been possible (in alphabetical order by first name): Diego Damasceno, Fahad S. Sadah, Genovefa Kefalidou, Hugo Araujo, Jemima Onime, Jose Miguel Rojas, Mehdi Mehtarizadeh, Mohammad Mousavi, Natasa Ioannou, Nervo Xavier Verdezoto, Paul Zugic, Rayna Dimitrova, Syed Wali, Vatsalya Maddi, and Zulki Raza.

Part of the team on the first day of the exhibition