Interview by BBC Radio Leicester on Autonomous Driving

I had been invited to the breakfast show of BBC Radio Leicester hosted by Jo Hayward. She interviewed me as part of a feature on autonomous cars.

The full recording of the breakfast show is available from BBC only until Sept. 28th 9am. The feature including my interview starts around 1h4min of the recording and lasts about 8min.

The background of the feature is a debate between an automotive research institute (Horiba MIRA) and a number of citizens and historians (who collected more than 4,000 signatures) about building a testing track for autonomous cars on a historic battlefield. The night before, the decision by the council regarding the construction of the track had been deferred to a later time in order to consider more options and alternatives.

The public discussion about the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) Technology Park has sparked an interest in what these "autonomous cars" are about. I received a call by a reporter of BBC Radio Leicester asking all kinds of questions about autonomous cars. For a special feature on the breakfast show they were looking for an expert to answer questions and explain autonomous vehicles to the public. After approximately 30 minutes the reporter convinced the producer that he had found the right person for the job: I was invited to the local studio in Leicester for 7am the next morning.

As part of the interview Jo also asked me some questions about a student project at the University of Leicester, where our team DriverLeics develops the software of autonomous cars to compete on a track at the Audi headquarters in Germany in October.