This is a guest post written by University of Leicester MSc student Ghalib Masood:

On June 12th 2018, team DriverLeics from University of Leicester visited Audi Forum Ingolstadt, Germany to attend the Kick-Off event. A total of 26 teams that are participating in the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2018 attended the event. Out of which, 10 teams (including DriverLeics) are selected and fully sponsored by Audi.

The day began with the warm welcome followed by the factory tour that included the guided tour of museum mobile, an automobile museum, operated by Audi AG. Afterwards, the project leader and co-founder of Audi Autonomous Driving Cup, Lars Mesow, introduced teams to the course specially designed for the competition. The teams were then given detailed introduction to the rules, and compulsory and additional tasks of the competition.

The second day, 13th June 2018, was jam-packed with presentations from the Jury. The presentations were made on various topics such as careers at Audi, current implementation of autonomous driving by Audi, the cup and rule book, model car and the equipment, and hardware and software involved. Finally, there was a Q&A session after which cars were handed over to the participating teams along with all the required equipment.

Team DriverLeics receives the Audi Q2 1:10 model car and related equipment

Each team is required to build the software for an autonomous car that fulfills all the compulsory requirements of an autonomous vehicle such as keeping the lane, overtaking, avoiding obstacles, ensuring pedestrians’ safety on the road, driving on inclines and slopes, communicating with other autonomous cars on the road, and following the rules and regulations when in vicinity of emergency vehicles. This event marks the beginning of the competition! Now the teams, with the help of their coaches, are on a race against the time to successfully finish the project and compete in the competition.

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