Formula Student AI Sensor and PX2 Test

This is a guest post written by University of Leicester Engineering student Jingyu Chen:

On June 14th, we went to Oxford Brookes University for a test event with StreetDrone to test the sensors and the PX2 computer of the race car that they will program for a race in Siverstone.

On that meeting, the Formula Student AI organizer briefly introduced the rules of autonomous AI competition referring to an earlier event that had been held in Germany. Then, the experts from StreetDrone told us about the information related to the hardware and software we would use in the competition. They drew a diagram of the system and illustrated the details of each part.

For the next step, students from different universities (Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Leicester) gave a speech about current progress of their team preparing for the competition. Among these presentations, the progress of Edinburgh University seemed to be the most impressive one and their team had finished many parts of the test of the vehicle. As for our team, we also had some small progress and tended to cooperate with Cardiff University in the future to dive into the simulation.

Finally, the organizer led us to visit the workshop of Oxford Brookes University and an outdoor test was implemented. We observed the whole process of how to measure the sensor information and how to use them in PX2 to implement the algorithm of self-driving.

After the visit, we talked to other students about the experience of the team building and competition preparation and finished the activity at 4pm.